Thursday, November 15, 2012

How did these past months fly so fast?!?

Well here I am starting the ball rolling with my blog posts. If you have not noticed it tends to come in waves.....  It has been several months since my last post, mostly due to being busy with work, travels and training. Here is my recap!

August - I went to japan with our Woman's U20 National Soccer team as one of their therapists. We were lucky to see several areas - Sundai,Kobe, Saitama and Tokyo. One of the highlights was eating Kobe beef in Kobe and doing modified Crossfit workouts on playground and in various parks!

September - Wrapped up my training for my October marathon, started teaching First Aid to Police Officers and got a few great outdoor rock climbing sessions in!

October - Ran a half marathon the second weekend of October in San Fransisco, got back home on the Monday and then on Tuesday I left for Copenhagen with my Fiance. We were there for a night and then flew to Greenland to run! I ran a full marathon and he ran a half marathon, all covered by Adventure Marathons - (we won our trip through their Facebook competition in the spring!!). The marathon was called the Polar Circle Marathon and it was small but FANTASTIC!! I definitely have to go back to Greenland to explore!

Stay tuned as I will be posting pictures from these trips and there are a few exciting things brewing right now that I will be talking about!

As for November I am making it my "off season" and let my body rest before some big running challenges in 2013!

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