Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Which Path Should We Look At?

I was looking for some good pics for my sites today and I came across this one first and I think it was for a good reason. My mom recently started running and I am extremely proud of her. She likes to compare herself to people that have been doing things longer then her, I am guilty of the exact same thing (we are a lot alike in many things!).

When I became a certified athletic therapist and was working with some amazing therapists, in my mind I kept comparing myself to them. I mentioned it to one who was and is still a mentor to me and she just said don't, you have been out of school for months, I have been in the profession for over 30 years, that is not fair to yourself. You are good at what you know, you will get there, just keep working and developing yourself.

So I can relate to how my mom is feeling, perhaps that is what helps my mom and I to keep working hard to success. That and we are strong headed enough to not feel hopeless when we compare ourselves to others that we admire. But I cannot help but think that this comparison has somewhat of a negative effect on us, whether we know it or not.

Yes lets strive to achieve success among the stars but instead of looking so far ahead that we are not able to see the whole route to the stars, why not take a look back and see how far from the start line we have become. I find when I turn around a look in that direction every so often, I usually impress myself! Those tiny forward steps were hard to notice while I was taking them but when I take a step back and look at them as a whole it is quite rewarding. It is the stepping back and taking that new view that I find drives me much more forward and keeps me much more positive then when I am just staring at the route ahead. I will admit, that direction can be overwhelming at times but always important to keep an eye on so you stay on track!

This post is for my mom, you are amazing! A year ago none of us, including you, would have even thought of the idea of you running. Now after only a few months, if that, you have completed your first 5km! A celebration is in order! I am beyond excited to do a run of any distance, any speed, crawl, walk, jog run, piggy back (by that I mean you carrying me ;) ) YOU ARE A RUNNER! Welcome to the crazy world I became addicted to years ago! Love You :D

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