Saturday, June 23, 2012

My love for training

What can I say, I love my body, I love to push it to its limits and it is hard....very hard for me to take some time off for my body! Perhaps that means that part of my drive for my training is a mental aspect, its for my mind.

I am one of those lucky people...???.. that has a very active mind, to the point that it can race with so many ideas that if I do not surround myself with outside distractions I can not focus on one certain thing too well. For example, when I was in university I got my most effective studying done while sitting in a loud, high traffic study area while listening to punk music! Or watch me during a conference lecture and you will most likely see me trying to write out something unrelated or at bare minimum twirling my pen around my fingers.

Anyways, running and training helps to provide me with productive thinking time, especially those 4+ hour runs! When I take time off it seems everything can become unbalanced and maybe its because my head gets to full!

As of this week I have started training for my marathon in October...did I mention it is in Greenland! Also I am running a half marathon the weekend before it in San Fransisco, I can't wait! I have started to get out on my runs after taking a month off of consistent training after my 50 miler in May. I guess I should say running not training as I have been doing more and more CrossFit, a new love in my life.

Going to Crossfit allowed me to cut a significant amount of mileage out of y training schedule but still leave me confident for my ultras. For my 50 miler i never ran more then 20 km (minus my 1 weekly long run). I'm converted!

Bring on another training season!!

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