Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend of Wedding Fun with Crys!

Well to start off there is no hidden meaning behind this picture! I just thought it was fun! Perhaps it made me wonder how our wedding day will go... love you hun ;)

My sister, Crystal, came to town this weekend, 7 months pregnant from Calgary so she could be a part of the fun wedding stuff, like finding a dress. And we found it!! All I can say about it, in case Rob were to look at this posting, is that its two main features are ones then I never even considered, really the two things I would have avoided. Who knew that they would make the perfect dress! I ended up buying it at a store in New West and they were great. They allowed us to take pictures and even offered us to use their tablet so we could get my mom on Skype to see some of the dresses.

To finish off the weekend, Crys helped me finish off my invitations. The majority of the invites were via email but not everyone has an email so we headed to Michaels, picked up supplies and crafted our own paper invites. Now my to do list is done until the end of summer, how great is that!

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