Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Winning the Job Lottery

I must say that I feel extremely lucky to be able to say day in and day out that I feel as though I have won the job lottery. Actually I should add to that, the career lottery as well. Everyday, no matter how crazy, stressful, chaotic it is I always seem to stop and laugh and think WOW I love this. I had an position interview a few weeks ago and the person interviewing me was asking what would happen to my position if I won the lottery and left my job. I just stared at her and responded well I wouldn't be leaving me job! I love it too much! And that is the 100% honest truth.

When I was six all I wanted was a broken leg, then as chance would have it I broke my leg that year on April Fools day (it took x-rays to convince my parents it was broken as I was known to be quite the injury faker). At 6 years old while skiing I had somehow managed to fracture and dislocate my knee cap. I spent 6 weeks in an ankle to hip cast that had to be replaced 4 times due to me using it as chalk on the driveway. After it was off all I would play with were my crutches, casts and tensor bandages. I remember crying when my parents made me throw away my stinky old casts, I loved them so much!

Through my childhood it would vary from ski doctor, ski police, doctor, physio and in high school I learned about people who work with teams and that taped ankles and knew that is exactly where I wanted to head! I headed to UBC for Human Kinetics and found out about the Athletic Therapy profession while in my 3rd year of the program and from that point on I focused on getting into a school for it.  Another early sign that I was destined to work with injuries was when I was 20 I fractured my right forearm so bad it was bent at close to a 45 degree angle, did I cry? No, I told my friend to go get her camera as this is not something we see every day! I still have the x-ray!!

Every step in school and every step after that I have taken in my career path has made me fall deeper and deeper in love with what I do. Whether its taping people (love love love), figuring out faulty biomechanics on someone, learning new conditioning methods, testing out methods and theories on my self, I know that without a doubt I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Yes it is not all daisies and smiley faces all the time, its not an easy go, but I chose to enjoy the stressful moments rather then to let them push me down. They are what make me grow and keep striving to know more, understand more and to keep challenging myself.

Why write about this you may ask? Well today was one of those days that it just plain looked rough from the get go, and then out of no where I have found out that some of my hard work has paid off, sooner then expected I cannot say what yet, no it is not a new job and yes I know I am going to push myself harder and strive for more now, but isn't that how this cycle should play out?

For those looking for their dream job, keep looking, it does exist. It may even be something that you have never considered but keep your eyes and mind open. Don't settle for mediocre or something that pays the bills, go for what make your truly happy!

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