Thursday, November 29, 2012


I am happy to announce that I am a independent seller of USANA supplements as of this summer. I am super excited about promoting these products after seeing the research on them. First of all they have very high quality vitamins and research has shown that they are much more bioavailable then the majority of the other vitamin lines out there. What do I mean by bioavailable? Your body is able to absorb much more of the nutrients in each tablet then they are of other ones out there. What every your body is not able to absorb, your body excretes it, usually in your urine. What’s the point of spending money on vitamins if they are just going to run through your body rather then help you?

Second, they are guaranteed to not have any banned substances in them. For the average person this is not a big deal but for a competitive athlete this is a BIG deal! Athletes have to be sure that whatever they put into their body does not have any banned substances otherwise there could be bad, career ending consequences. USANA stands by this so much that if an athlete tests positive due to their products they will give the athlete 1 million dollars! How many other companies out there are so confident in their product that they offer this? Well over 350 athletes trust USANA on their quest to top physical performance so why shouldn’t I?

Not sure if you need vitamins or what you should be taking? USANA has their True Health Assessment you can go through and it will offer suggestions on where you may need the help of supplementation – Check it out!

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