Friday, December 14, 2012


I have been inspired to write about gratitude today. A goal I set for my self this summer is to focus on being grateful for everything that I have. Its not that I feel that I have ever lacked in this area, I have always made a point to sit back and appreciate my life on a very frequent basis. I have been very fortunate this far in my life, I have been given some amazing opportunities and have been apart of some great moments.

I write this as I am about to start another day in training camp with the Canadian Woman's National Soccer team as part of their therapy staff for the first camp since they won the Bronze at the London Olympics. First, how many people get an opportunity like this to work with such amazing athletes? To travel with them? Share in their victories (I was on the field with the team in 2008 when they qualified for olympics the very first time) and defeats or learn about their personal goals and accomplishments? To top things off, during this camp I got to go to BC Place in Vancouver for the unveiling of the 2015 Woman's World Cup Logo, the World Cup will be held in Canada. Its getting to be a part of things like this that I am always asking myself how in the world did I luck out.

Big things are always the easy ones to be grateful for, that is why I am trying to focus more on the small stuff, being healthy, having a great fiancé and family, enjoying the forest during a trail run or the smell of snow, man do I love the smell of snow! Perhaps this is why some people think of me to be really optimistic but I even take a moment to enjoy stressful times, I find appreciating it for what it is and having a chance to experience those emotions (even When they feel far from great) helps me to deal with the situation better. I find if I focus on how bad I feel at the time it just feeds into how bad I feel, why would I do that to myself.

In a nut shell have you stopped to smell the flowers today?

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