Monday, December 10, 2012

The wonderful month of December...and training

December is the worst….yet in a way, the best time of year to start training for something.

December is great in that there is usually way too much food consumed and not enough exercises being done due to hectic schedules and training helps to balance this out. You make sure to get your exercise in and generally if you are training for something you need more food! Yes I know Christmas cookies and the sort are not the best so you do have to be careful but training during December should essential stop that December weight gain. 

It is bad in the fact that my schedule is CRAZY! (as is everyone’s). It seems there are Christmas parties left, right and center and then to top it off I am working a soccer training camp from the 12-20 of the month on top of my regular job and volunteer work. Some ways that I have been able to sneak it in are through short high intensity interval sessions right before work in the morning, run with my dog rather then taking her for a walk (she loves this if its in the bush but HATES it if it is on the road!) and space my injury prevention strengthening throughout the day. It is not too uncommon to find me on a sudden burst of air squats, Y&T’s or hip stability work if you were to open my office door. Most office people take a break and quickly chat with a co-worker but I am the only one in my office so that eliminates those breaks!

For the next week an a half I am going to have to be extra creative as I will be working at a soccer camp as well. I can get my prehab work done while watching practice but my conditioning training will have to be a bit more strategic. I may have to look at late evening workouts and to make up for the lost sleep have quick cat naps in the middle of the day (which are easier then mid-day workouts as I don’t have to shower after!)

All in all I am very excited to be focused on training again. I over trained in 2011 and just lost the drive to really commit to training but its back and I am stoked, 2013 here I come!

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