Monday, June 3, 2013

Freshly 32 and hitting the ground running…..literally

Another year has gone by and I now find myself being 32, funny how time flies! I also feel that it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t do my yearly re-cap!

As life continues to prove, each year gets better. There were some major highs….some major lows but most of all major growing this past year. Yes I think I will look at 31 as being the year of self-growth.

•    31 started with a bang when the VPD renamed my position to Athletic Therapist at which I have been continuing on being a pioneer on therapy in policing. I have been extremely lucky to have my dept support my vision for where I want to see it to go and we are slowly progressing forward. Though slow it is still ahead of my planned schedule!

•    I ran a marathon in Greenland, though not my best time, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I cannot wait until I can go back. Its vastness I find calming and embracing and would love to do some sort of adventure trip throughout the country

•    I spent August in Japan with our National U20 Soccer Team for the World Cup. The culture there is by far the most amazing culture that I have been exposed to so far. The respect they give to everyone and their professionalism will be hard to top!

•    I started working with the Woman’s Olympic Soccer Team again and went to China, France and England. It was great to be re-acquainted with many of the players and to see some of my U20 players take the big step up. I feel like such a proud parent! The staff of the senior and U20 teams are the best I have worked with yet, truly inspirational.

•    I discovered the strength of my commitment and my limit as to how far I will sacrifice my health and well-being for someone or something. Though this can be taken a few different ways, I look at the fact that I pushed myself to and beyond my limit as a positive one as I learned a tremendous amount from it and have grown from it. Through this my body showed me just how resilient it truly is. Less then 6 months ago the accumulation of stress over several months took its big toll on me and my body, to the point that day to day functioning was a challenge. However, giving my body  time to recover, switching to a vegan (95% of the time) diet and focusing on fun has allowed my body to bounce back much more rapidly then I could have ever imagined and right now I am on track for running my biggest ultra yet!

Why do I like to write this out? Its all about perspective. It can be easy to lose track or undervalue all of the amazing things we do. Sometimes when looking back, things that didn’t seem amazing to us at the time are actually truly amazing and you are given a chance to appreciate them with this reflection.

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