Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crunch Time!

24 days to go...does that make it an official count down now that I have put an exact number to it? I have to admit I have been steadily getting nervous and I haven't felt this way in a long time, I think since I raced BMO to qualify for Boston.....this one is much scarier though!

I have been hitting training at all angles - nutrition, mobility, sleep, running, stairs and fun! Perhaps a little too much weekend nighttime fun in May but it was worth it! I had a birthday and a somewhat class reunion at a conference.

Epic training runs so far? Definitely! Ones to remember:

  • Running from downtown Toronto to Port Credit - 45km on the water front - bad armpit chaffing and ran out of water due to the public water fountains not being turned on! It was good mental practice.
  • Running 5.5 hours up/down/around Burnaby Mountain - jumping out of the bush at the 3.5 hr mark to run into the grocery store to grab food and jump back in the bush resulted in many funny looks.
  • Running 55km in 8:49 just a few days ago where I discovered just how much feeling tired is a mental thing. I was able to change around the way I was feeling in a matter of minutes by changing what i was thinking about - AWESOME! This will come in handy. 
  • Hitting a new level of endurance athlete - I went out for a "quick run", it was a 20km road run and the thought that I may need food or water during it didn't cross my mind until half way through.
My goal for the next few weeks is to amp up my sleeping, especially since I still have a 60km, a 70 km run and a 50 km race before my big day. I have been taking naps instead of lunch breaks (most amazing thing ever!!) at work and spending more time vegging out at home with Keisha. Yes this does mean my house is in somewhat of an awful state right now (mostly migrating fur balls as I hate clutter) but it is worth it,  maybe one will even turn in to a puppy haha.

I am starting to put together my gear bags for the transition zones and my support crew is slowly growing, so happy that I will be having my parents, sister and best friend there!!

Let the count down begin.............

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