Sunday, April 21, 2013

A New Marathon Experience for the Record Books

Time for a re-cap on my last post that was leading up to yesterdays marathon. It was a great day but I am beyond happy to be home! There was a speed bump or two....

Here is how the past few days unrolled

Friday I was up early (12:45am Pacific time) to catch my early fight our of Virginia. My flight ended up being delayed by 2 hours, which resulted in me missing my connection in Dallas ad now would be arriving in Vancouver on a new flight at 8:45pm yikes! (I was originally supposed to land early afternoon in Vancouver.  When I got to Dallas I managed to change my flights little bit, it meant one extra connection but that I would be arriving at 7:30pm (everyone minute would help). Luckily my flights ran smoothly after that.

Friday 8:15pm - started my drive to Wenatchee, armed with chocolate covered expresso beans (for those who know I have been off caffeine for 2 months - I had to do it as I knew I would be driving after being up for 24 hours before getting to Wenatchee)

Saturday 1:00am - Bed atleast - I had been up for 24 hours at this point, good news is the expresso bean worked amazingly and it was a fantastic drive down!

4:00am - Doh jet lag does not do favors for people that have been up for 24 hours - wide awake and force myself to sleep

5:30am - to wide awake so I decide to do what I can to get my legs ready - rolling, stretching, some yoga, ice shower, finish of my expresso beans (very much needed them)  - works wonders for the legs

6:45am - make my way to Nicole's room, with a small coffee in hand. Have a laugh with her and Denton - my body is awake head I think is still somewhere in the med west.

7:55am - we make our way to the start line - yeay for it being right outside our hotel!

8:15pm - And we are off!

I decided to run without a fuel belt - which I never do. Armed with regular gummy candies in my back pocket and depending on course food - which I also never do....Its never a good idea to do a bunch of new things on race day right?!?! We'll see...I started with drinking coffee before my race - which I never do -  so why stop there?

The race went well, we kept at steady 5:45min/km pace - our goal was to get Nicole a PB 4:21 had to be beat! It was a scenic course, very small group and therefore not much for crowds so it was very nice to have someone else to run with. Water stations were plenty and the blue Powerade went down well.  The first 3rd of the race my achilles were pretty angry but I expected that from the flight but then my mile 9 I was having a great deal of pain in my left foot and started to question if I should keep going. A mixture of visualization, focused breathing and yes advil seemed to calm things down nicely. Thought I hate gels, Gu gels with caffeine in them were on the course and they helped to carry me along! Nicole did awesome at staying at our pace and following my path through the course - it was quite a curvy path and I am a lazy (I like to say smart) so I like to take the shortest/straightest line possible. With 5 miles to go Nicole started to cramp and we had to slow our pace a bit but still managed to stay on track - we were both determined to get her a PB!! Then in the last km of the race - yes the last one! she got attack with a bad breathing spasm so we had to walk for 5 minutes. Then from what it seems she held her breath and off we started running the last 200m to the finish, hand in hand and she got her PB! 4:15!!  I am sooo proud of her! She fought right to the end!

She has the photo of us post race,  that is why I just have me up there.....

Post race I signed up for a 30 minute massage, had an ice bath and threw on my compression gear
grabbed some yummy local pizza, said my good byes to Nicole and Denton and back to Canada I went! What did I do when I got home? Put my bags down at the front door, crawled into bed and turned out the light - HOME AT LAST!!

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