Friday, March 29, 2013

Bring on the busy season!

Once again I find myself in transit. At the moment I am sitting in a lounge at the Frankfurt airport waiting for my connection to Nice, France. This current trip is with the woman's national soccer team and we are playing in France and England before heading home on the 8th. I must admit I was pretty excited for this trip, partly due to going to new places but I also realized how much I missed the staff and players, meeting at YVR before the flight was like a little reunion for me.

This trip is just the beginning of busy few months coming up, true doing therapy for a police dept does not usual go through any season changes but April and May both have conferences and there are always running races and soccer trips during this time. All of this piling together makes me realized my next month with out anything big plan is Sept and that brings us close to the end of 2013? How is that even possible?!?! I am still trying to grasp the concept that I am starting to book appointments into May. Time sure does fly when your having fun eh :).

I find that times like this is what I have to sit down and make a plan for how I want to get everything that I want to into this time period. I find this is often where people get lost or side tracked from their goals because lets be honest being busy can get overwhelming for anyone at some point and it is at that point where it is easy to go off track.

My goals for the next while are
  • quality 8 hour sleep every night
  • yoga wake up session (15 minutes) 5 days a week
  • running 4x a week and build to 5-6
  • continue following the Thrive Diet, this has been a big changer for me, I feel amazing on this whole food vegan eating plan. I follow it 85-90% for if I go out for meals or to a friends place I am not worried about following it 100% but while at home I eat all organic whole foods - CLEAN. let me tell you my body lets me know when I go too far off track, its like a food hangover

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life is a roller coaster - highs, lows, thrilling corners

So here I am again starting a new wave of blog posts, yes I am the most inconsistent blogger. What can I say life gets in the way and yes it has been a crazy roller coaster for the past few months. Good news though - I have managed to hold on!

As I have looked back to my posts in the fall I am reminded of my goals for 2013, perhaps that is one of the reasons why I blog, to help create a path towards my goals. Looking back my goals are still the same - working with soccer, my 3 races this year. However, my approach to them has had to have been modified.

The first bump of the year came with the ending of my relationship and finding myself once again single. It was quite the sharp u-turn which caused me to slam on the breaks for a moment until  I could get my wits about me. Once I realized that instead of slamming on the breaks I should rather ride out the turn and enjoy it for what it was, I knew this path I was on would still be exciting.

I am one of the first to admit that I take a great deal onto my plate, its tough when I like to do so many things. Sometimes when you like everything that you are doing it is tough to see that perhaps you are burning the candle at both ends when it comes to all of the things that you are juggling in life. I am not just talking about activities or work but everything like trying to keep my place too clean!
So to better handle these surprising turns I have worked on lightening my load so that they are less stressful and way more fun!

My approaches I have taken so far to enjoy this new ride are
  • Waking up by doing candle light yoga, yes sometimes it ends up being at 4:30am but has proven to be oh so worth it - one day I will be gumby and not the Ms Tin Man
  • Spending time with my girlfriends - possibly one of the most important things, my gosh the ladies in my life are amazing. I have done everything from trail runs, soak up sun in the Bahamas to enjoying a good ol cup of coffee.
  • Which brings me to - no more caffeine in my diet for the moment. Part of this is due to my mind being very active on a quiet day, feed it caffeine and I come up with a lot of new ideas. Good in one aspect but not if you are trying to lighten the work load!
  • Keisha - what can I say, it hard to beat spooning a fluffy dog
  • Travel - ah yes more travel, not necessarily planned as vacation but hey if work wants to send me places I will take it! Between now and my birthday in June I will be heading to France, England, Virgina, Seattle, Nelson and Toronto........
  • Last and certainly not least - remembering the things I love - skiing, mtn biking, running for the sake of running. Yes that means that I am not following a strict training program for my races. If my body wants to run I run, if it doesnt I don't. Does this increase my chances of not finishing my ultra in July? Absolutely. But its time to let me body lead the way for a while and have my mind take a back seat. Its worth it, the races will always be there. I am still planning to run them but whatever distance I complete I will consider a success.
Like I felt earlier, bring it on 2013, its going to be a great year :D